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LETTER: DFL House Majority pushing health care access

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

To the Editor:

With less than two weeks remaining in the legislative session, House DFLers are working hard to deliver affordable and quality health care to Minnesotans.

All Minnesotans deserve access to the quality, affordable health care they need. The House DFL Majority proposes strong initiatives in our health budget to make it a reality. Our plan will ensure Minnesotans can access the medications they rely on by prohibiting prescription drug price gouging, increasing transparency and reducing costs for parents who buy in to Medical Assistance to get services for a child with disabilities. 

Our budget also enables Minnesotans to access an emergency supply of insulin if they can’t afford to fill their prescription. Under the House DFL plan, families in our community on the individual market would receive a 20% direct premium discount, not watered down through payouts to insurance companies.

The deep slashes to health care proposed by the Senate Majority would have devastating results. Their health budget eliminates lower-cost dental care for low-income adults, which will lead to poorer health and higher costs through emergency room visits. Cutting essential care for doctor visits and dental care for over half a million Minnesotans is not a solution.

As the only divided legislature in the country, Minnesota can be a leader. Our shared values ought to bring us together to ensure all Minnesotans can access affordable and quality health care.   

Rep. Connie Bernardy

District 41A