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Posted: Sep 17 2013 4:32PM
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USS Minnesota Commissioning Ceremony

Dear neighbor,

Recently, I returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Norfolk, Virginia, to attend the commissioning ceremony of the USS Minnesota along with fellow members of the Minnesota legislature. 

The “commissioning” of a ship occurs when a military ship is put into active service. This is a different ceremony than the “christening” ceremony where a bottle of champagne is broken over the ship’s bow and the ship is given its name. That event occurred on October 27, 2012, in Newport News, Virginia.

Construction of the USS Minnesota began in February of 2008. The ship bears the motto “From The North, Power”. This particular submarine is 377-feet long, capable of submerged speeds of more than 25 knots (30 miles per hour), and can stay submerged for up to three months at a time with capacity for a crew of 135. It will be the most advanced warship in the entire Navy. Minnesota hasn’t had a ship named after it in over one hundred years. What a tremendous honor for us as Minnesotans to have this ship named after our state!

While the advanced technology of the ship is truly impressive, I was awestruck and inspired to have met many of the men who will be serving aboard the USS Minnesota. The honor and distinction they bring to the amazing work they do for us – as well as their knowledge, capability, and dedication – instilled such pride and gratitude in my heart as an American. The great sacrifice each service member makes to defend our freedom brought tears to my eyes.

The entire experience – from meeting so many wonderful service men and women to witnessing the commissioning of the USS Minnesota – reinvigorated my deep respect and appreciation for our military and all they do to protect us each and every day.



Please note that no taxpayer funds were used for any part of my trip.

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