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Posted: 2012-04-17 00:00:00
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Rep. Murphy Reflects on Wage Disparities on National Equal Pay Day

St. Paul, Minnesota – Today marks the 16th annual National Equal Pay Day. Originated by the National Committee on Pay Equity, the day serves as a reminder of the wage disparities that exist along the lines of gender and race.

In recognition of National Equal Pay Day, Rep. Murphy offered the following comments:

“Given how the lives of women have changed over the past 30 years and choices and opportunities for women in terms of career and family, I think it’s easy for many to forget the challenges women continue to face in today’s world.

“In Minnesota, women are paid 78 cents to every dollar a man makes. Unfortunately, for women of color this gap widens, with African American women making 62 cents and Latina women making a measly 54 cents to every man’s dollar. In all, women working full-time lose an estimated $8.2 billion each year due to the wage gap. This is not only unacceptable; it’s appalling.

“Recent weeks and months have promulgated a political ‘war on women.’ From the contraception debate to reversal of pay equity laws in Wisconsin to most recent misguided debate over the value of work in and out of the home, the lives of women have been at the forefront of political discussion."

“National Equal Pay Day reminds us of the work ahead of us to ensure women earn equal pay for equal work, a basic measure of fairness in pursuit of economic prosperity.


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