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Posted: Feb 26 2013 5:37PM
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Legislative Update (February 26, 2013)

Dear neighbor,


Next Monday, the House is scheduled to take up the Health Insurance Marketplace bill, commonly referred to as the Exchange (House File 5) on the House floor. I continue to have significant reservations about this legislation and its impact on hard-working families, healthcare providers, and our state. I encourage you to contact me regarding specific concerns you have about this bill and, if you feel so inclined, to share with me how this will affect your personal situation.


I’m also eager to hear your thoughts on Governor Dayton’s budget proposal. Please let me know how the various proposed tax increases (fourth tier income tax, business-to-business tax, expanded sales tax, quarter-cent transit tax, minimum wage increase, etc.) would affect you, your family, and/or your business. I’d really like to know how you feel about this and what you would like to me to say to members of the DFL-controlled House who have the votes to pass tax increases (and seem intent on doing exactly that). I recognize that all I have is my voice, but you can be assured I’ll continue to use it to speak on your behalf.


Last week, my husband Jack I had the honor of attending a legislative reception at the Governor’s mansion. I took the opportunity to present Governor Dayton with a gift – a framed poster of a Dayton’s ad that was run while I was general manager at the St. Paul Dayton’s department store which commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the St. Paul Winter Carnival. It was drawn by Charles Schultz, a St. Paul native and creator of the Peanuts cartoon characters. I presented the gift to the governor to express my appreciation for his family’s focus on service which was such an integral part of the Dayton’s philosophy. I told Governor Dayton that I am striving to emulate the model of service that I learned while working at his family’s department store and that my goal as a legislator is to exceed my constituents’ expectations just as I attempted to do for my customers at Dayton’s. It was truly a wonderful event and I enjoyed speaking with Governor Dayton one-on-one.





Last week, I was thrilled to attend a school assembly with the first grade classes at Chanhassen Elementary School. It was a day of learning for everyone – including for me – as the Zoo Mobile visited the school. I think it’s fantastic that the zoo, as a state agency, makes itself accessible in such a way for kids. It was so much fun to see the delighted looks on the kids’ faces as they asked questions and learned in a hands-on way about the animals. We saw all kinds of animals including an African millipede (an invertebrate) from Madagascar, a bull snake (a reptile), a red-tailed hawk (a bird of prey), and an opossum (a carnivore). I’m excited that I have already been invited back to visit Chanhassen Elementary and look forward to returning with coloring books and Capitol hats. Thank you to Principal Lang and the first graders for the warm welcome.


Senator David Osmek, Representative Jerry Hertaus, and I attended a meeting organized by Hennepin County Commissioner Jan Callison with Hennepin County mayors. I appreciated the collaborative nature of the event and the opportunity to hear to how each mayor was addressing the challenges facing their city. I was inspired by some of the creative solutions they’ve found as they attempt to overcome those hurdles.


Once again, I want to thank those of you who have contacted me with your questions, comments, and concerns. If you missed my previous legislative updates, you can find them on my website. Needless to say, things are heating up over here in St. Paul. As your representative, I want to hear from you so I am certain I am truly representing the district. If you have any ideas for proposed legislation, I welcome your input. You can contact me via e-mail at rep.cindy.pugh@house.mn. To contact me by phone, call (651) 296-4315. Mail can be sent to Rep. Cindy Pugh, 313 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, Minnesota 55155.


Please encourage your neighbors and friends within the district to sign up for my weekly email updates by clicking here and filling out your contact information. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you!










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