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Posted: 2011-05-06 00:00:00
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(ST. PAUL) — Today the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the Republican redistricting map on a party-line vote.

State Representative Mary Murphy (DFL – Hermantown), the DFL lead on the Redistricting Committee, released the following statement:

“At the start of session, the goal of the members of the Redistricting Committee was to develop a fair plan that would best serve the people of Minnesota. The DFL goal from the beginning was to have a map — free of partisanship — produced by the legislature that Governor Dayton could sign. We offered amendments to the principles to allow for bipartisan support and include more public input. Those amendments were rejected by Republicans.

“The DFL has always been committed to a collaborative process, and we remain committed now.

“At our only committee hearing on the GOP redistricting map, 31 testifiers came from across Minnesota with most giving a simple plea: ‘We need more time.’ Some made specific requests and recommendations. Citizens have shown they care deeply about redistricting, but don’t feel that they had a voice in the process. The Redistricting Committee only had the opportunity to hear 31 of Minnesota's 5.3 million residents give their response to the GOP map. That's inadequate at best.

“Despite today’s vote we still have time to work together on a plan. We can develop a map that includes the viewpoints of Minnesotans, and includes their input. We can develop a workable plan. We can do a job that would serve Minnesota well for the next 10 years.

“I encourage Minnesotans to study the map, contact their legislators and members of the Redistricting Committee and tell them how the plan will affect their area."

The map can be found on the Geographic Information Services website at http://www.gis.leg.mn/redist2010/plans.php?plname=L1101_1.

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