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Posted: 2011-03-10 00:00:00
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(SAINT PAUL) — Today the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Rep. Peter King (R – New York), heard testimony on homegrown terrorism, with a focus on Muslim Americans. Critics have condemned the hearings and likened them to the McCarthy hearings to investigate communism.

Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL – Minneapolis) testified in support of the Muslim community. State Representatives Phyllis Kahn, Karen Clark, and Jim Davnie stood in support of Ellison and the Muslim communities in their districts.

“It’s simply wrong to single out the Muslim community," said Rep. Kahn (DFL – Minneapolis). “Terrorism knows no single race, creed, or religion and alienating an entire population is not only incredibly intolerant and unjust, it undermines our goals of preventing terrorism here and abroad.”

“The Muslim community doesn’t deserve this treatment,” said Rep. Davnie (DFL – Minneapolis). “As Representative Ellison pointed out, they have helped foil several terror plots since 9/11. The Minneapolis Muslim community has developed a solid, trusting relationship with law enforcement, and hearings like these jeopardize that relationship.”

“I’m proud to stand with my US Representative and stand with our Muslim community,” Rep. Karen Clark (DFL – Minneapolis) said. “These are our friends, neighbors, colleagues and fellow citizens who deserve our respect, not suspicion and witch hunts.”

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