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Posted: 2011-06-14 00:00:00
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Legislative survey percentages

1. What is the most important issue Minnesota faces? (Rank 1-5 with “1” your top priority)
Note: Percentage of respondents who ranked each category as priority No. 1. Some respondents entered “No. 1” multiple times, pushing the total past 100 percent.
45% Budget shortfall
22% Limiting tax increases
8% Cost and accessibility of health care
11% Improving education for Minnesota students
22% Job creation

2. What should state government do to most effectively improve the economy? (Percent who selected "yes" for each)
22% Borrow money to fund construction projects
69% Reduce business taxes to encourage entrepreneurs to create new jobs
22% Raise taxes to fund state government programs
62% Reduce income taxes on individuals and families

3. What should Minnesota government do to balance the budget? (Percent who selected "yes" for each)
80% Cut spending and government programs
26% Raise taxes
56% Restructure government to spend only what we receive in revenue

4. Do you support limiting state spending to actual revenue in order to prevent future deficits?
80% Yes
20% No

5. Should Minnesota require voters to present photo ID at the polls?
81% Yes
19% No

6. Should we reconsider the ban on smoking in Minnesota bars?
73% No, leave the ban in place
17% Modifications should be considered
10% Repeal the ban altogether

7. Should the state provide any funding for the construction of a new Minnesota Vikings stadium?
42% Yes
58% No

8. If you answered “Yes” in the previous question, what funding option do you favor most? Some respondents entered “No. 1” multiple times, pushing the total past 100 percent.
9% Statewide sales tax
3% Local sales tax
42% User tax applied specifically to goods and services purchased by football fans
33% Authorize racino gambling and use those proceeds
12% Transfer Minneapolis Convention Center tax revenue once that facility debt is paid

9. Should Minnesota consider nuclear power as an option for meeting future energy needs?
36% Strongly support
33% Support
9% Oppose
9% Strongly oppose
13% Not sure

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