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Posted: 2010-10-18 00:00:00
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Press/News Releases

Legislators Sign Resolution Calling for a Review of FBI Raids on Minnesota Activists

ST. PAUL – Today legislative leaders signed a resolution that calls on the President of the United States and Congress to review the FBI raids on Minnesota activists.
“This resolution states we will not tolerate the recent FBI raids which seem designed to intimidate certain members of our community, particularly our trade union members and peace activists," said State Representative Clark, author of the resolution. “This resolution was prepared and signed because it is of great importance to all the people of Minnesota that our freedoms to peacefully dissent are not infringed upon and are an important and protected part of our Minnesota Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.”
“Every American has the constitutional right to advocate and organize for change and for the legitimate goals of peace, justice, and solidarity with all working people,” said State Representative Jeff Hayden, a signee of the resolution.
The Legislature of the State of Minnesota signed today’s resolution to express their grave concern that recent FBI raids may be the beginning of a new and dangerous assault on the First Amendment rights of union activists and antiwar peace campaigners. Given the Inspector General’s recent report on the FBI investigation of certain domestic advocacy groups, the intended hope is that the President of the United States will order an immediate investigation into the circumstances and propriety of the judicial and FBI intimidation of these Minnesotans.

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