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Posted: 2012-03-23 00:00:00
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March 23rd Legislative Update

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Important provisions moved in the House this week.
A bill designed to reduce taxes and create jobs passed the House Wednesday. The package of wide-ranging initiatives is called the Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act (H.F. 2337), a proposal that will make Minnesota a more economically competitive and attractive place for job creation.

This bill focuses on Minnesota business and employment growth, stimulating long-term economic activity. It encourages businesses to stay here, expand here, move their operations here and create more jobs. This act declares to job creators around the country that Minnesota is open for business.

Important measures in the bill include:
A statewide business property-tax reduction to begin a 12-year phase-out process.
A $25 million increase in research-and-development credits for Minnesota companies.
A permanent $5 million increase in the Angel Investment Tax Credit.
Allowing small businesses to take up-front capital equipment exemptions.
A tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.

This bill awaits action in the Senate before going to the desk of the governor.

The much anticipated photo ID constitutional amendment also passed on the House floor this week. The bill (HF2738) allows for a public vote in the November election on a photo ID voting requirement.

Under this bill, a ballot question will ask if voters would like to add an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that would require that all voters present valid photo identification prior to casting a ballot on election day. A majority vote of the people would amend the constitution, and the Legislature would implement the new photo ID requirement in 2013.

This amendment would also require state identification be made available at no charge to those who do not already have an ID. The amendment preserves the ability of all Minnesotans, including military members, college students, and the elderly, to continue voting with ease. It also keeps in place same day voter registration and absentee voting.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on the legislative session.


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