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Posted: 2011-06-14 00:00:00
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To the editor:

Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s legislative survey we conducted throughout District 42. We have tabulated the results and the overall message local citizens communicated is they want us to rein-in state spending, spur the private sector and limit taxes.

More than 2,000 people participated in the survey, which was mailed throughout the district and also made available online. The responses to the nine questions and additional comments participants provided help us continue doing our best to represent our area at the state Capitol.

The first four questions pertained to jobs, the state budget and the economy in general. The legislature is working to erase a $5 billion state budget shortfall and 45 percent of survey respondents rank this as our most important issue. Another 22 percent of the participants list limiting tax increases as the top priority, and the same percentage say job creation is most important.

A 69-percent majority of local citizens indicate state government could most effectively improve the economy by reducing business taxes to encourage entrepreneurs to create new jobs, followed by 62 percent who favor reducing income taxes on individuals and families.

Favored by 80 percent, the top choice for balancing the budget is cutting spending and government programs. Furthermore, 83 percent say we should limit state spending to actual revenue in order to prevent future shortfalls.

Respondents also favor a photo ID requirement for voters (81 percent), leaving the smoking ban in place (73 percent) and oppose using state dollars for the construction of a new Minnesota Vikings stadium (58 percent); 42 percent of those who favor state money being used favor user taxes applied specifically to goods and services purchased by football fans. A 69-percent majority either "strongly support" or "support" considering nuclear power as an option for meeting future energy needs.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to weigh in on some critical issues by participating in this survey. Certainly there are many issues of interest and concern to the thousands of people we represent, and no survey can address them all. Therefore, we encourage all citizens to stay in touch, sending questions and comments on issues of most importance to you.

Sen. David Hann, District 42
Rep. Jenifer Loon, District 42B
Rep. Kirk Stensrud, Disrtict 42A

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