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Posted: 2011-01-25 00:00:00
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St. Paul, MN—State Representative Kathy Lohmer stood in support of Representative Mary Kiffmeyer’s (R-Big Lake) Voter Identification bill today. Rep. Lohmer and Rep. Kiffmeyer were joined by many other legislators including State Senator Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove), Chairman of the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee as they call for improved voting conditions in Minnesota.

“Our voters must have faith in our election process. This bill has proven results as other states have stepped into the 21st century and used the benefits of technology to strengthen election results and voter integrity,” Lohmer said after a press conference on Wednesday.

By using state of the art technology, a voter would present a Minnesota drivers license, state identification card or tribal identification card and the system would capture the personal information and verify that the identification presented is legitimate. This instant verification will streamline the voter process while protecting the integrity of the vote.

“The current system is error prone and Minnesota voters deserve to know that their vote is counted, verified and honored,” adding “Roughly 80 percent of Minnesotans feel that photo ID is essential in protecting our election process from errors.”

The bill has received bi-partisan support in and aims to streamline Minnesota’s election processes while protecting the integrity of the election process. A similar bill exists in Indiana and was ruled to constitutional in 2008

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