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Posted: 2010-03-11 00:00:00
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Legislative Update - GAMC Agreement

Dear Neighbor,

This week saw a breakthrough agreement on the issue of safety net health care. I also spoke with local business leaders and job providers at the Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce.

2. Ham Lake Chamber
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Last week, Governor Pawlenty and legislative leaders from both parties announced an agreement to reform the General Assistance Medical Care program (GAMC). The GAMC agreement offers several benefits. First, it is a long-term solution to ensure continued access to health care for those most in need. It also saves taxpayers over $700 million this budget cycle alone, ending an unsustainable program in favor of a responsible outcome. Perhaps best, it makes the most of innovative reforms to improve the health care safety net.

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO’s) will partner hospitals and county agencies in the effective management of this population’s health needs. Led by Rep. Matt Dean (R – Stillwater), these reforms continue Minnesota’s nation-leading efforts in health care and health care reform. CCO’s will emphasize managed care, wellness and prevention to reduce costly emergency room visits. A new prescription drug program promotes cost-savings by preventing unneeded hospitalizations.

Overall, this agreement delivers improved outcomes, lower costs and a structure designed for results. By focusing on priorities instead of politics, the legislature has a solution that reflects the needs of the GAMC population and the realities of our state’s fiscal situation.

2. Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce
This Tuesday, I spoke to the Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce about issues of concern to the business community, as well as ongoing efforts to promote recovery and growth. Specifically, I discussed Governor Pawlenty’s Jobs Creation Act, carried by Rep. Laura Brod (HF3302), and a Tax Bill (HF3306) carried by Rep. Keith Downey. This package is aimed at creating jobs while fostering a more favorable economic climate for Minnesota job creators. They include tax credits, regulatory reform and incentives for investing in small businesses. As we discussed at the Chamber, if government will give job creators the tools and get out of the way, the free market will create the solutions for success.

Government reform is critical in freeing Minnesota’s dynamic workforce and entrepreneurial spirit. I touched on GOP efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our initiatives include a Sunset Commission to eliminate duplication and waste, an Innovation Commission to promote efficiency, and technology tools to root out fraud and abuse in public programs. It is time government started streamlining its operations to solve our systematic budget problems and better serve our customer, the Minnesota citizen.

3. Sign Up to be an Election Judge
There is a total need of 30,000 election judges for the 2010 elections, and the fair share for Republicans is 15,000. For those interested and able, I encourage you to do your part to ensure free and fair elections. Election judges are crucial to maintaining the integrity of our voting process.

If you become an election judge, you would need to vote absentee. You will receive financial compensation, and the law requires that you be given time off to do this important work.

The deadline to sign up is April 20, 2010. You can register at:

Help make sure our voting process is honest, free and fair. Register to become an election judge today!

With a fair, sensible solution for safety net health care at hand, I am hopeful the legislature can continue to work together for responsible answers to the budget, the economy and other important issues. By balancing the budget, freeing Minnesota job creators and families from unnecessary bureaucracy and opening the door to economic opportunity, I know the hardworking people of the North Metro and all of Minnesota will achieve renewed prosperity.



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