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Posted: 2010-03-08 00:00:00
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Legilative Update - Balancng the Budget, Identifying Priorities

Dear Neighbors,

This week saw activity on many fronts at the legislature. I thought I would pass along the highlights (and lowlights) that would be of interests to you.

1. Budget Deficit
2. “I’m Not Taxed Enough Already”
3. Gay Marriage
4. Video Update

1. Budget Deficit
On Tuesday we learned that Minnesota government faces a deficit of $994 million. The situation looks no better for the next biennium with a projected deficit of $5.8 billion for 2011-12. After spending the first month of session focusing on government borrowing, I hope the majority will finally let us get down to the business of the budget.

This deficit illustrates that we must renew the commitment to fiscal responsibility and limited government. Rather than borrowing, taxing and spending, the legislature must focus our efforts on core priorities. Balancing the budget will help relieve the uncertainty causing free market job creators and investors to hold back on expansion and growth, and help Minnesota’s job providers and families by freeing them from the burden of unnecessary bureaucracy.

The challenge of the budget situation presents the opportunity to deliver on the priorities of Minnesotans. I am confident in the hardworking people of the North Metro and all of Minnesota. I know that when we balance the budget, get government out of the way and open the door to economic opportunity, Minnesota’s families and job providers will achieve renewed opportunity and prosperity

2. “I’m Not Taxed Enough Already”
Tax increases are not a solution to the state’s budget problem, despite what many on the left say. To that end, this week I introduced a proposal to establish a fund for Minnesota taxpayers who think they are not taxed enough. It will let them voluntarily pay more—or show the hypocrisy of this vocal minority. I can say that I am taxed enough already, and this proposal will show that most Minnesotans think they are too.

3. Gay Marriage
This week I sat through my first hearing on the issue of gay marriage, and it was one of the most distressing experiences I have ever had in the State Capitol. It opened with a beautiful two-year old girl—and her two fathers who had gone to Montreal to get married before returning to Minnesota and adopting this child. She will never know the companionship of a mother, or the experience of a traditional family.

With the legislature hearing and advancing bills to legalize gay marriage, it is clear the Democrats are intent on defining society for the rest of us. I fear that without the voice of the people and without action, a bunch of politicians from Minneapolis and St. Paul—or judges on the bench—will take traditional marriage, and with it our moral grounding, out from underneath us.

I cannot accept this. I am committed to defending marriage as being only between a man and a woman. I will push to let the people of Minnesota decide what we want our society to be and what type of future our children grow up in.

4. Video Update
In this week’s video update, I discuss the government borrowing bill. You can watch the video here:



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