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Posted: 2008-05-15 00:00:00
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Education Conferees Respond to Governor's Veto

ST. PAUL – This week the Governor vetoed the Omnibus E-12 Education Policy Bill (HF3316/SF3001).

"The Governor's veto of the E-12 Education Policy Bill is full of wrong messages and missed opportunities for Minnesota's kids, parents, and schools," said State Representative Carlos Mariani, Chair of E-12 Education.
"The bill would have provided more information to parents about schools, helped students be physically healthy, required students to remain in school until age 18 or graduation, and established new technology standards to make schools stronger and more efficient."

"The 2008 Omnibus E-12 Education bill delivered valuable set of tools for parents and the public to more fully, fairly, and accurately understand student academic growth and achievement, " said State Representative Linda Slocum. "This legislation is the result of collaborative work by parents, teachers, administrators, and accessment experts to provide a more genuine and accurate assessment information. It expands the measurements our schools utilize, providing greater and more real accountability to the public."

"Once again, the Governor has demonstrated he doesn't get it," said State Representative John Ward. "His veto of the Education Policy Bill shows that he doesn't understand how growth measures work and the fact is schools and parents are asking for clearer measures. This veto will cost us more than new measures, we're also going to lose a physical education requirement that would have helped make our kids healthier."

State Representative Kathy Brynaert, author of the Report Card bill, said the new additions to the report card would have provided a greater understanding of how Minnesota's schools are performing. "These new tools will give us a look at school performance from multiple angles, and help us to better identify our successes, as well as target our interventions. And the value added growth model not only maintains high standards, but will enable our students to achieve them sooner," said Brynaert.

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