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Posted: 2008-05-14 00:00:00
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Governor's Veto Sends Wrong Message To Kids, Parents And Schools

ST. PAUL – On late Tuesday evening the Governor vetoed the Omnibus E-12 Education Policy Bill (HF3316/SF3001).

"The Governor's veto of the E-12 Education Policy Bill is full of wrong messages and missed opportunities for Minnesota's kids, parents, and schools," said State Representative Carlos Mariani, Chair of E-12 Education.

Elaborating on the wrong messages and missed opportunities delivered by the Governor's veto, State Representative Mariani said:

"The bill would have provided more information to parents about schools, helped students be physically healthy, required students to remain in school until age 18 or graduation, and established new technology standards to make schools stronger and more efficient. "

"The Governor's veto sends the wrong message to kids, telling them it's okay to drop out at age sixteen and it puts down the importance of physical education, leaving kids to struggle with unhealthy habits."

"And, at a time when parents want more information about student and school performance the Governor's veto tells them that information you want you shouldn't have."

"The bill he vetoed reflected a positive attempt to work collaboratively with hundreds of parents and educators and across party lines said State Representative Carlos Mariani. "Apparently guided by other considerations, the Governor has chosen, once again, to act unilaterally and veto a bill shaped by the voices of Minnesotans."

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