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Posted: 2008-05-08 00:00:00
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2008 Omnibus E-12 Education Policy Bill Passes The House

ST. PAUL – Today, the Omnibus E-12 Education Policy Bill (HF3316/SF3001) passed the House with bipartisan support. The bill will provide more information to parents about schools, help students be physically healthy, require students to remain in school until age 18 or graduation, promote stronger reading ability and establish new technology standards to make schools stronger and more efficient.
"This bill provides very balanced and innovative education policies to give more information to parents about schools and ensure our students and our schools are making the progress needed to succeed as world-class students and nation-leading schools," said State Representative Carlos Mariani, Chair of E-12 Education. "The provisions of this education policy bill will provide additional measures of student success and academic growth that complement the federal No Child Left Behind Act."
Provisions in the E-12 Education Policy Bill include several state accountability indicators that are separate from but complement adequate yearly progress expectations of the No Child Left Behind Act. The overall goal is to broaden measures of school performance to better determine where students are succeeding as well as identify where improvements are needed.
Collectively, key provisions of the bill provide a dynamic, unified approach to make students stronger, healthier and empowered with the skills and discipline to succeed in the classroom and the world. Primary provisions include:
· Report Card– provides a measure of growth in student achievement and recognizes students who are working hard
· Physical Education – creates state standards for physical education by requiring ˝ credit in physical education for graduation
· Compulsory Student Attendance – requires students to stay in school until age 18 or graduation
· Literacy Training for Teachers – Equips entering teachers with new techniques to teach reading
· Technology Standards – Requires schools to use technology and data efficiently and effectively for students to use in the classroom

"This bill is what parents have been asking from their legislators," said Rep. Mariani. "Parents have been a clear and consistent voice, asking us not to piecemeal measures but put it all together to make it work for the kids. Ultimately its all about the students."
The 2008 Omnibus E-12 Education bill delivers a valuable set of tools for parents and the public to more fully, fairly, and accurately understand student achievement and our schools' progress. This legislation is the result of legislators, researchers and school districts collaborating to provide a better tool for parents and the public to understand schools and hold them accountable.
"Innovation, reform and accountability are all in Omnibus E-12 Education Policy Bill," said Mariani. "Developing the proposed House E-12 education policies like the School Report Card, new literacy standards for teachers, will create a gateway to a future of educated learners and leaders in Minnesota by pursuing performance measures that emphasize rigor and creativity."

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