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Posted: 2009-05-11 00:00:00
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Dear Editor,

I'd like to thank the many citizens of Eden Prairie who participated in my Legislative survey. Over 1,500 people registered their opinion and I especially appreciated the efforts of those who took the time to add comments, expounding upon their views. All of this information helps me do a better job of representing our community at the State Capitol.

The Legislature is in its last week of business prior to the May 18th deadline for our regular legislative session. With a $4.6 billion dollar deficit, crafting a balanced State budget is a very difficult task. As many families are being forced to do in these trying economic times, government must reduce spending to make ends meet. I hope all residents will continue to share their opinions on these matters as the Legislature works to find a solution that brings our State through this financial crisis and toward long-term economic recovery.

Thanks again for your input and guidance. Your calls, emails and letters are encouraged and always appreciated. Please contact me by calling (651) 296-7449, or emailing me at rep.jenifer.loon@house.mn.

Here are the Results:

1. In addition to reforming government programs to achieve greater efficiency, how should the Legislature balance the $4.8 billion budget deficit?
4% Raise taxes
71% Reduce government spending
24% Raise taxes and reduce government spending

2. If you chose to raise taxes or a combination of both for question 1*, which taxes should we raise?
5% Property taxes
31% Income taxes
64% Sales taxes
* (28% of respondents)

3. The percentage of people who ranked #1 the programs that should be shielded from cuts, to the extent possible.
39% Public Safety
23% Education
9% Health Care Programs
6% Transportation/Infrastructure
2% Welfare
1% Environment
20% Jobs/Economic Development

4. Would you support spending an additional $2.5 billion per year on K-12 education?
16% Yes, I support increasing spending and raising income taxes to pay for it
28% I support increasing education spending, but not through higher taxes
56% No, I do not support increasing education spending

5. In your opinion, what is the best thing the state government could do to improve the economy?
12% Borrow money to fund construction and infrastructure projects
56% Reduce taxes to encourage businesses to create new jobs
6% Increase spending for K-12 and higher education
38% Reduce income taxes so individuals and families can keep more of their money to help afford rising costs for basic needs

6. Do you think Minnesota should adopt California’s vehicle emissions standards, even if they are more restrictive than federal government standards?
28% Yes
72% No

7. Do you support a proposal that would require voters to show a photo ID prior to voting?
86% Yes
14% No

8. Do you support bringing light rail transit to Eden Prairie?
28% Yes
37% Yes, depending upon the route and funding source
35% No


Jenifer Loon
-- 30 –

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