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Posted: 2009-04-16 00:00:00
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ST. PAUL – State Representative Bob Gunther (R-Fairmont) said he is shocked by the number of anti-business bills being pushed by the Minnesota House majority this session. With Minnesota facing a $6.3 billion budget deficit, Gunther said the best thing the Legislature could do this session is help more residents find work.

“There’s little doubt that besides solving our budget deficit, the most important task lawmakers have this session is to approve policies that create jobs,” Gunther said. “Yet Minnesota House Democrats are repeatedly proposing initiatives that will prevent this from happening.”

Gunther points to several House proposals that are being considered in House committees that will significantly impact the way employers conduct business:

• HF 2031, which prohibits Minnesota from purchasing products from Willmar-based Jenny-O Turkey at the request of unions. Gunther says if Democrats succeed in blacklisting this Minnesota business, there would be nothing stopping them from going after any business at the request of unions or other special interests.
• HF 644, which sets mandates on companies with city contracts, regulating who they must
hire, but union labor contracts are exempted.
• HF 612, which mandates sick leave benefits for all employers.
• HF 1959, which regulates minimum wage standards for workers whose tips plus a $6.55
hourly wage do not equal $12.
• HF 84, which changes the Consumer Fraud Act to allow anyone to sue a firm for fraud by claiming they represent a public benefit in filing the suit.

Gunther added that the real job killer is the $4.4 billion tax increase being proposed by House Democrats.

“92 percent of small businesses in Minnesota pay personal income taxes, meaning that any income tax increase will directly hurt the economic recovery,” Gunther noted. “With job losses piling up by the thousands, Democrats have offered no ideas on how to grow private-sector jobs. Instead, they have proposed a laundry list of bills that would hurt the economic recovery and put more Minnesotans in the unemployment line.”

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