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Posted: 2009-04-02 00:00:00
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Greetings from the Capitol,

Some breaking news that came just moments ago. The Minnesota Senate has voted to lift the ban on nuclear power plants. I fully support this and hope we can pass it in the House as well. For more information you can read this article from ECM Publishers: http://hometownsource.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=8624&Itemid=1

While winter cannot decide if it’s coming or going, the legislature is starting to make some progress. With the first deadline already passed, and the second one coming shortly, committees have been meeting a lot to meet these deadlines.

Here’s a quick recap of what has been keeping me busy.

In this issue:
1. Fiscal Responsibility
2. Meeting With Constituents
3. When It Comes To Taxes How Does Minnesota Compare?
4. In The District

1. Fiscal Responsibility
You may have heard a little bit about all the debate going on here at the Capitol about a potential bonding bill. The Senate passed a $367 million bill a while ago, and a House committee just approved a $200 million bonding bill. Both of those bills spend too much, and even if the Legislature did no bonding bill this year we would still be over our 3% limit.

The 3% limit is based upon how much revenue the state takes in. The limit has been an agreement that goes back to the Rudy Perpich administration when the governor and the Legislature agreed on the 3% limit to keep legislators from borrowing too much money. Keeping the limit is important because it helps the state maintain a high credit rating, which makes it easier to borrow money at the lowest interest rates. It also makes sure the state doesn’t end up in a situation where it has to raise taxes or risk not being able to pay off debts.

At some point we need to stand up and say “No”. As every parent knows sometimes you have to tell your children “No”. The Democrats right now need to be told “No”. Facing a massive deficit, and not having the funding available to even pay the interest on a bonding bill right now it would be a huge mistake to pass one. It is simply not the fiscally responsible thing to do.

2. Meeting With Constituents
One of the great opportunities of serving you is being able to meet with people from our district at the Capitol. Recently I had the honor to meet with two different school groups. One was a group of 4th graders from Crooked Lake Elementary and the other was a group of 9th graders from Meadow Creek Christian School. I was impressed at how engaged both groups were in the political process. They asked some very insightful questions, and I enjoyed talking with them.

Over the next two months I will be meeting with constituents from various groups and schools from around our district. If you are going to be in St. Paul and would like to visit me at the Capitol please email me or call my office. My number is listed below.

3. When It Comes To Taxes How Does Minnesota Compare?
I’ve shared some fun facts on the Minnesota budget for the past few weeks. Because the talk around the Capitol has been about raising taxes, I thought you may be interested to know how Minnesota compares to other states when it comes to taxes.

Total income per capita in Minnesota is $46,106, which is 16th highest in the nation. Connecticut is the highest with $63,160. Mississippi is the lowest with $31,836.

Tax Freedom Day, which represents how long you must work before you have earned enough money to pay all federal, state, and local taxes, for this year is April 27th in Minnesota. That is the 8th latest of all states. The latest date is Connecticut which is May 8th, while the earliest is March 29th in Alaska.

Stay tuned for more tax facts next time.

4. In The District
On Friday I will be touring the Mickman Brothers facilities in Ham Lake. This great family owned business has done great work around our community. They are one of the many successful small businesses in our district and around the state.

Recently they were also was awarded the contract to install the irrigation system at Target Field, the new ballpark for the Minnesota Twins which will open next year. You can read the Anoka County Union article for more information: http://abcnewspapers.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6600&Itemid=26

This Sunday April 5th the Ham Lake Lions Club will be having their annual pancake breakfast. This annual tradition is their way of saying thank you to the community. The breakfast is free and runs from 8:30am – 12:30pm. It will be at McKinley Elementary School, 1740 Constance Blvd NE. I hope to see you there!

As always, I would encourage you to contact me on any legislative issue or questions you may have. You can reach me via email at rep.peggy.scott@house.mn or by phone at (651) 296-4231.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you.


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