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Posted: 2007-10-10 00:00:00
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Press/News Releases

Murphy's Blog: Rep. Erin Murphy Launches Legislative Blog

ST. PAUL- Rep. Erin Murphy, DFL-St.Paul, announced today that she plans to launch her own legislative blog - RepErinMurphy@Blogspot.com. Beginning on Wednesday, August 24th, Murphy will post information about her legislative activity as well as provide news about issues affecting her district, primarily Merrian Park, Mac-Groveland, and Summit Hill. Murphy will become one of only a handful of state legislators to host a blog, and the first state representative from St. Paul to do so.
"The power of blogs to inform and shape our democracy is just being realized," said Murphy. "And the Internet continues to evolve the way people receive their political news. It's important we respond to those changes," said Murphy.
As more people use the Internet as their primary news source, Murphy wants her blog to be an easy way for her constituents to keep to stay connected.
"It can be difficult, even for the political junkies, to know what their legislator is up to, especially when we aren't in Session," said Murphy. "More and more people use the Internet as a one-stop-shop for their news and a blog is an easy way for folks to keep in touch with what I am doing as their legislator."
Murphy plans to regularly alert constituents via RepErinMurphy@blogspot.com about legislative meetings and hearings that are pertinent to the district as well as discuss issues affecting the area. Also, Murphy hopes the blog will open further open a channel of communication between her and constituents.
"I love that many of the citizens I represent are politically active," said Murphy. "I hope this blog will further encourage such political participation, and I encourage people to provide me with feedback about what issues and concerns they would like to see addressed at the legislature."
RepErinMurphy@blogspot.com will not be produced at any taxpayer expense. Additionally it will focus on her work as a state legislator and will not be used for the purpose of influencing opinion on election of political candidates. Therefore, it is not a campaign expenditure.


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