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Posted: 2017-10-24
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Press Release

RELEASE: Statements from Chairs Kiffmeyer and Anderson on Dayton's misleading cyber security comments

ST. PAUL - Statement from Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, chair of the State Government Finance Committee, and Representative Sarah Anderson, chair of the House State Government Finance Committee, on Gov. Dayton’s false claim regarding cyber security funding by the legislature:

“I was surprised to read Gov. Dayton’s press release today faulting the legislature for not funding cyber security since it is widely known that Dayton himself negotiated away those funds and forced us to spend them on his favorite special interest – public employees,” said Sen. Kiffmeyer. “We were surprised and disappointed then, and we are even more disappointed he’s lying in this press release today. Republicans in the legislature remain committed to keeping Minnesotans’ private data safe and preparing our state for the challenges we know are imminent regarding cyber security. We hope the next governor puts their money where their mouth is.”

“When it came time to negotiate, the first thing Governor Dayton chose to cut from his proposed budget was the funding for increased cyber security,” said Rep. Sarah Anderson. “Minnesotans choosing a place to eat are more decisive. The Governor cannot say cyber security is a top priority but refuse to fund it when the Legislature offers to help. Governor Dayton chose bureaucracy over protecting Minnesotans. He needs to be transparent over his choices. Republicans in the legislature are committed to finding efficient and effective ways to make the private data of Minnesotans safe.”


From Gov. Dayton’s press release titled Governor Dayton Opens National Cybersecurity Summit During “Cybersecurity Awareness Month” in Minnesota

During the last legislative session, Governor Dayton recommended a $27 million investment as part of a broader package to consolidate the State’s data centers and equip the State's cybersecurity team with additional staff, tools, and services that it needs to combat cyber-attacks. None of that $27 million, however, was funded by the Minnesota Legislature.

From At the Capitol, no one’s talking Minnesota Lawyer - May 19, 2017

“Dayton also deducted another $45.1 million in cyber-security spending to fortify critical state financial and information systems, which contain Minnesotans’ sensitive private data.”


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