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Posted: 2007-08-06 00:00:00
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A Bridge Tragedy Calls Us to Wisdom

State Rep. Carlos Mariani

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Dear Editor:

As our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and families of the 35W bridge collapse into the Mississippi River the world asks how this could happen in Minnesota. Horrific images of a crumbled bridge and the ensuing tragedy now fill the hearts and minds of not only Minnesotans but of others all over the globe as well.

How could such a crushed infrastructure exist in a state known for a state known for its resources? For many it is impossible to comprehend. Clearly, we need to create the political will that makes it possible to re-invest those resources in our infrastructure. Our image in the world shouldn't be one of collapsed bridges, or for that matter of unaffordable education, polluted waters or inaccessible health care. Minnesota has had a rich history of investing in these basic infrastructures as a way to build a successful, self-sufficient culture here in the upper reaches of one of the world’s greatest rivers.

A new agenda awaits Minnesota. It is time to rebuild and reinvest in long-lasting infrastructures that will both guard us and make us world leaders again.

The bridge tragedy calls us to return to this wisdom.


Carlos Mariani
State Representative, 65B

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