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Posted: 2007-06-29 00:00:00
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MARIANI Co-Chair of Legislative Commission to End Poverty by 2020

State Rep. Carlos Mariani

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ST. PAUL – State Representative Carlos Mariani, District 65B, was appointed by the Speaker of the House and nominated Co-Chair of the Legislative Commission to End Poverty by 2020.
"I am honored to serve on this important Legislative Commission," said Mariani. "I am looking forward to working with members to develop viable strategies to end poverty in Minnesota by 2020."
Mariani said he welcomes the opportunity to be a member of such a critical commission. The18-member bi-partisan, bi-cameral commission held a joint hearing this week to begin finding solutions to Minnesota's poverty challenges.
Major goals include:
· Identifying public policy strategies to eliminate policy by 2020
· Recommend short-term policy changes to end childhood poverty and to eliminate the racial disparities of poverty
· Increase engagement with non-government entities
· Build understanding and consensus around the following questions: Who is poor? Why are they poor? What are the human and societal costs of poverty? How can poverty be eliminated? Are current measurements of poverty useful?
The Commission will report its recommendations on how to end poverty in Minnesota by 2020 to the Legislature by December 15, 2008.
"This isn't about reforming welfare – we're developing a 21st Century approach, using the common good so that everyone in the state can prosper," said Representative Mariani.

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