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Posted: 2016-05-17
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Press Release

RELEASE: Minnesota House passes REAL ID measure

Saint Paul- On Monday, May 17th, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed legislation to address the REAL ID issue. The bill, which was supported by Representative Anna Wills (R- Rosemount), allows for two different options for people getting a new ID.
The first option is the federally compliant REAL ID, which would be an acceptable form of identification to board a domestic flight, or enter federal facilities. The second option for individuals would be a federally non-compliant ID that is identical to our current driver's licenses. The second option would not allow individuals to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities due to federal enforcement of REAL ID standards, but it would offer an option for individuals who prefer to not have a REAL ID. Those with a non-complaint ID could use a passport to board flights or enter federal facilities.
"I'm glad that we were able to pass a bill that gets REAL IDs to individuals wanting to use them to board a plane or enter a military base, while also providing an option for individuals who prefer to not have a REAL ID," said Rep. Anna Wills. "This measure ensures that the security goals behind federal REAL ID standards are met, making it very difficult for a terrorist to gain access to a military base or board a domestic flight using a fake ID card, and perpetrate an attack. I believe the House's approach best serves all Minnesotans, and I am happy that this legislation passed the House."
"There are a few key differences between the House language and the Senate's REAL ID proposal; I hope that the House measures remain intact after the conference committee debate."
The essential differences between the federally compliant ID and the non-compliant ID (our current license) are as follows:
-The REAL ID would require that the applicant bring two documents showing place of residence, and sign a declaration of truth under penalty of perjury.
-All first time applications and supporting documents for a REAL ID are securely stored for 10 yrs before being destroyed, while all first time applications and supporting documents for a standard license are securely stored for 5 yrs before being destroyed.
-Minnesota must verify documents proving identity and lawful status through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements System when issuing a REAL ID.
-REAL IDs will have increased physical security features to make forgery more difficult, and security markings that show REAL ID compliance.
This bill is now waiting for debate with the Senate in a joint conference committee.

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