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Posted: 2017-04-19
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Legislative Update

Legislative Update - 04/21/2017

Neighbors and Friends,

Last week, the legislature was on Easter and Passover break. This week, the House and Senate Majorities will be working on budget compromise bills to send to Governor Dayton for consideration. In order to finish session on time, the legislature must adjourn by May 22nd.

Minnesota has a projected $1.65 billion budget surplus and a stable economy. Unfortunately, the House Majority is so far choosing to prioritize tax cuts for corporations and the rich & well-connected instead of investing in the areas that have made Minnesota’s economy strong.

Here is a summary of the major budget bills passed this session:


The Omnibus Public Safety Bill contains enhanced penalties for terrorist acts, sex offenders, and people who possess and create child pornography. These measures are widely supported, but the bill also contains more controversial provisions to increase penalties for peaceful protests, and to allow private prisons to operate in Minnesota—allowing corporations to profit off of our justice system.


The Omnibus Transportation Bill does not include sustainable, long-term funding for roads, bridges, and transit. What's more, it pits regions of Minnesota against one another instead of providing a transportation vision to benefit the whole state. The bill would result in a 40% reduction in regular bus route service, and doesn’t include funding to finish Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT). The bill redirects funding away from schools, nursing homes, public safety, and other areas to make only minimal investments in our transportation infrastructure.


The Omnibus E-12 Education Bill underfunds our public schools, which would result in teacher lay-offs, larger class sizes, and less resources for students. It also eliminates funding for optional, free pre-kindergarten for thousands of students across the state, shortchanging our students.


The Omnibus Higher Education Bill underfunds the University of Minnesota and public colleges and universities, which would lead to increases in four year tuition for students. Minnesota already holds the fifth highest student debt in the nation.


The Omnibus Environment & Natural Resources Bill rolls back environmental protections and cuts funding that protects our natural resources, endangering Minnesota’s lands, waters, air, and wildlife.


The Omnibus Job Growth & Energy Bill cuts job creation efforts, consumer protections, racial and economic disparities efforts, workforce housing, and rolls back Minnesota’s renewable energy progress.


The Omnibus State Government Finance Bill puts Minnesotans at risk by not investing in cybersecurity and slashing government services. The bill would lay-off hardworking Minnesotans, and deregulates elections— paving the way for more “dark money” and corporate influence in campaigns.


The Omnibus Health & Human Services Bill cuts $600 million from the HHS budget, putting our entire health care system in jeopardy—including vital services Minnesotans depend on. This is especially reckless at a time when we face serious federal uncertainty surrounding health care.


The cuts and underfunding in other budget bills make way for the spending in the tax bill. The Omnibus Tax Bill contains tax cuts favoring corporations and the rich, including a $161 million estate tax cut for the wealthiest Minnesotans and a business property tax freeze. The bill excludes other measures to help hardworking families such as the Working Family Credit, the Child and Dependent Care Credit, and Local Government Aid (LGA) to reduce property taxes for homeowners and renters.


The Legacy Funding Bill allocates constitutionally dedicated funds to outdoor heritage, clean water, parks and trails, and arts and culture projects. This measure passed the House unanimously, unlike many of the more controversial bills listed previously, and signals hope for bipartisan compromise this session.


In addition, the bipartisan Omnibus Agriculture Bill supports farmers and farm workers in a variety of ways-- including work on farm safety, funding for mental health counselors, and increased funding for farm advocates.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Rep. Linda Slocum

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