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Posted: 2016-01-21
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Press Release

RELEASE: Rep. Peggy Scott Statement on Privacy Bills

ST. PAUL, MN—On Wednesday, a bipartisan coalition of legislators featuring Representative Peggy Scott, R-Andover, Representative John Lesch, D-St. Paul, and Senator Scott Dibble, D-Minneapolis, presented a package of six bills to protect the privacy of Minnesotans. Representative Scott issued the following statement on two bills she intends to sponsor in the House.

“Protecting the privacy of our citizens is a top priority of the Legislature,” said Scott. “With technology advancing so quickly, it’s important we take steps to ensure that your private data and information is safe.”

The first bill Representative Scott will sponsor addresses Student Information Systems (SIS) privacy. The bill would ensure that the detailed personal information stored on students is kept safe, while retaining the benefits of the SIS.

“Schools know so much about our children,” said Scott. “From social security numbers to disciplinary action, our local schools keep detailed records of students. I want to make sure this information is protected and used only by qualified school officials, and not accessed by third parties.”

The second bill presented is designed to protect student privacy when using a personal computing device provided by the school. In some districts, third parties provide tablets or laptops for student use. The third party can then track usage and possible remotely monitor the student or device.

“This is an important bill to give students privacy when using a computer or tablet from their school,” said Scott. “These are beneficial tools, but shouldn’t be used to gather personal information on our children.”



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