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Posted: 2017-02-14
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Legislative Update

Three of My Bills, Explained

Dear Neighbor,

This week, I wanted to use my email update to highlight a few of the bills that I am authoring or co-authoring:


The legislature was unable to pass a comprehensive bonding bill last session, but there's no reason we can't do it this year instead.

The bonding bill includes money to make critical repairs at our own Century College in White Bear Lake, so it's been a priority of mine.

But I'm not sure Speaker Daudt will let a bonding bill go forward this year. So in the absence of a comprehensive bonding bill, I'm willing to go it alone with HF 476, which appropriates funds for the project even if the full bonding bill is not passed into law.


I am the chief author of HF 988, which establishes clear legal guidelines for emancipation for minors. The current system leaves teenagers who need emancipation vulnerable to the whims of individual judges or jurisdictions, creating an uncertainty that can be dangerous.

In my professional experience, I have seen teens trapped in the most awful situations one can imagine. Emancipation is used rarely, but it would allow kids in the worst situations to escape from abusive homes and give them the protection they need to avoid permanent mental health problems.

I've already picked up several co-authors for this bill, so I'm hopeful it will move forward.


Family values means making sure you can take care of your family.

Unfortunately, not all workers in Minnesota have access to paid time off when their loved ones get sick or when they become new parents.

So we're trying to change that. HF 1013, of which I am a co-author, would create a statewide paid family leave insurance program that would allow you to take time off when your loved ones fall ill or when you have a new child.

No one should have to choose between a paycheck and caring for a kid. It's not good for economy, and it's not good for our children.

For the full list of bills I've authored or co-authored, check out my official legislative website.


Rep. Peter Fischer

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