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Posted: May 18 2015 12:00AM
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Rep. Mariani issues statement on end of 2015 Legislative Session

SAINT PAUL, MN – At approximately Midnight on Monday, May 18th, the Minnesota House of Representatives adjourned in a state of disorder.  While the legislature was constitutionally mandated to end session at that time, work had not concluded on a two-year state budget for E-12 Education spending.  House Republicans had resisted Governor Dayton’s call for expansion of Pre-Kindergarten programs in an effort to close the opportunity and achievement gap.

“It’s a real shame that with a $2 billion surplus that this had to happen.  We’re leaving the building with one billion dollars left unspent.  It’s just gonna sit there according to a deal the Governor didn’t agree to.  Only a portion of that money would fund the Pre-K opportunities that he’s fighting for and he’s absolutely right to send the message that our work isn’t done,” said Rep. Mariani.

The current E-12 Budget target is the result of a three way negotiations that did not come to an agreement on total education spending.

“I really commend the work the Senate did to get House Republicans to a better bill than what they passed.  At the same time, the Governor is right that with the possibility of a historic opportunity before us, to invest in the next generation, to close the achievement gap; we can’t walk away from that when the money is sitting right there,” said Mariani.  “We’re supporting the Governor because we want to get to a great bill because that’s what Minnesota deserves.”

Governor Dayton has three days to veto House Republicans’ E-12 Budget package.  He is the only person who can call a special session according to Minnesota’s constitution.


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