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Posted: 2018-03-16
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Legislative Update

Legislative Update (March 16, 2018)


Public Safety Bill

Yesterday, my bill to increase penalties on those who intentionally obstruct a highway, an airport, or block access to a transit system was heard in committee and passed. It’s again ready for a vote on the House floor.

This bill is about the safety of our public. If you remember, we’ve had a number of instances where protestors have blocked freeways or access to the airport. This is a big public safety concern as first responders can’t get through, posing a big risk for the general public throughout the Twin Cities. For a refresher, here are a couple examples of times where protestors illegally blocked transportation routes in Minnesota.

What’s important to understand about this bill is that it does not limit anyone’s right to protest legally. I believe legally protesting is a cornerstone of the First Amendment. Protesting by blocking a highway or access to an airport is ALREADY illegal; my bill simply changes the penalties to the already illegal act. You have no right to park your car across four lanes of I-94. Those that argue they have that right in the name of protest are confused and completely misunderstand the First Amendment.

Put simply, this is a bill to keep the law-abiding public safe and to ensure their rights are not infringed upon. My hope is to see this bill on the House floor for a vote, and for the legislature to send this to Governor Dayton’s desk for a signature.

State of the State

Wednesday marked Governor Dayton’s eighth and final State of the State address. It’s an interesting experience seeing all House members, Senators, members of the executive and judicial branches, and all the guests in the House chambers for the speech. I was able to bring John Houlton from First National Bank in Elk River.

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Though we have some policy differences, I want to thank Governor Dayton on his public service to our state as governor for the last eight years.

Please Contact Me

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any issue related to state government, please feel free to contact me at either rep.nick.zerwas@house.mn or 651-296-4237.


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