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Posted: Mar 23 2015 10:26AM
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House DFL Leader Paul Thissen: Siphoning money from schools is no way to fund Minnesota’s transportation system

Saint Paul, MinnesotaHouse DFL Leader Paul Thissen released the following statement about the House Republican transportation plan that was released this morning.
“Minnesotans who are sitting every day in traffic, who are afraid their kids can't get to school safely, who can't get to that new job that promises a brighter future for their family, demand real transportation solutions. Unfortunately, the Republican plan is the same old shifts and gimmicks budgeting we've come to expect from them. Siphoning money from schools and hospitals and relying on the state's credit card is no way to fund Minnesota’s transportation system. This is a ‘Give the Deficits Back’ Act.
House Democrats have said all along we will work to pass a comprehensive, statewide transportation solution that meets the needs of our entire state - roads, bridges, and transit - in a permanent way, without excessively siphoning money from our kids’ education or running up the credit card. It’s our hope Republicans will get serious about a plan that solves our transportation problem without creating new potholes in our budget.
The Republican plan irresponsibly raids the general fund, shifting hundreds of millions of tax dollars that should pay for better schools and uses it to pay for transportation projects. The next economic downturn could be around the corner, and if we use general fund tax dollars to fund transportation projects then we are hurting our schools, hospitals and other basic priorities in the future. Investments in Minnesota’s transportation systems shouldn’t compete with our kids’ education.
And the Republican plan excessively borrows money, running up the credit card bill to pay for future road and bridge projects. Minnesota is finally in a better financial position. We shouldn’t go right back to the borrowing and gimmicks that got us in trouble for the previous decade.”

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