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Posted: May 21 2013 12:44AM
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Press/News Releases

Minnesota House Finishes 2013 Session with Balanced Budget, Historic Investments in Education, Job Creation, Property Tax Relief

St. Paul, Minnesota — Tonight the Minnesota House of Representatives adjourned on time with an honestly balanced budget that makes critical investments in education, job creation, and property tax relief. Working with Governor Dayton, the new DFL majorities ended a decade of budget deficit, passing a budget that made great progress for middle class Minnesotans and our state's future.

“We kept the promises we made to the people of Minnesota to complete our work on time, balance the budget honestly, and invest in priorities Minnesotans broadly share like education, property tax relief and job creation,” said Thissen. “Our budget will spur progress by finally resolving our deficit, and investing in our future and a stronger middle class.”

“For the past decade, Minnesota’s budget deficits have been balanced with an all cuts and gimmicks approach that has increased class sizes, squeezed middle class families, and only left us with more budget deficits – all to protect the very wealthiest special interests,” said Murphy. “The days of balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class are over. We have completed our work for the people of Minnesota and are leading the way to a stronger state.”

2013: A Session of Progress

E-12 Education

  • Made a historic $485 million investment in our kids’ future while implementing reforms to ensure we get the most value out of every dollar.
  • Fully funded all-day, every day kindergarten for every Minnesota child for the first time in state history.
  • Invested $40 million in early learning scholarships aimed at closing the achievement gap.
  • Accelerated the repayment of the money we owe our schools to fully pay them back by 2014.

Higher Education

  • Froze college tuition for students at U of M and MnSCU after a decade of historic tuition increases and debt and provided significant new resources to the state grant program.

Property Tax Relief

  • Restored property tax relief for Minnesotans that was taken from them when the Republican-led legislature eliminated the Homestead Credit, providing $400 million in property tax relief.
  • Due to the Homestead Credit Refund and retooled renters’ credit:
    • 380,000 homeowners and renters will see their refunds increase.
    • 200,000 additional homeowners will receive a refund.
    • The average increase will be over $200.
  • Included the largest LGA reform in a decade to provide significant resources in need-based aid to cities and counties after years of cuts to local services such as police and fire.

Tax Fairness

  • Reversed ten years of “all-cuts and gimmicks” budgeting with a responsible plan that asks wealthiest Minnesotans and corporations to pay their fair share to make investments in priorities Minnesotans broadly share — education, job creation, and property tax relief.

Marriage Equality

  • Made Minnesota the 12th state to give everyone the freedom to marry the person they love.


  • Cut $346 million in taxes for small businesses – the largest tax cut for small businesses in state history – by reducing the rate employers pay to fund the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.
  • Invested in proven strategies to support job creation: the Minnesota Investment Fund to encourage small businesses expansion, the Minnesota Trade Office to help Minnesota small businesses compete globally, and key workforce development investments to help address our state’s “job skills” gap.

Better Health Care

  • Made $50 million in spending cuts, reductions and reforms while protecting our most vulnerable Minnesotans.
  • Prioritized nursing homes and caregivers by providing them the first funding increase they have seen in four years.
  • Implemented a Minnesota-made health insurance marketplace, where families and small businesses can purchase high-quality health insurance at a price they can afford.

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