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Posted: 2018-05-04
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Legislative Update

Update: Bonding, student group, Clean Water Action Day, affordable housing editorial, tax conformity

Neighbors and Friends,

Our legislative work has transitioned from committee to long days on the House floor. This week, we voted on the massive budget bills. Many important issues are still unresolved, but we have a little over two weeks remaining and I’m optimistic that we will make progress. Here is an update from the Capitol:


House Republicans announced their Bonding bill this week. While the bill includes many good projects, it barely makes a dent in the critical infrastructure needs around the state. Read my statement on the release of the bill. I also weighed in on the bill in the Star Tribune. We will debate this issue vigorously in the coming days.

Roseville Area High School talk

I was invited to meet with Roseville Area High students for an after school discussion to provide a progress report about gun safety legislation proposed at the Capitol this session. The students were very engaged and interested in the issue.


Clean Water Action Day

Advocates from across Minnesota came to the Capitol this week for Water Action Day, to meet with legislators, attend trainings and hold a rally in the Capitol Rotunda. I met with two groups of involved citizens who care deeply about improving the quality of our precious clean water.


Affordable Housing Editorial

I was quoted in a Pioneer Press editorial on Wednesday about the need for legislators to give affordable housing the attention it deserves this session. It is an interesting read and encourages legislators to not let this important issue get swept up in the end-of-session whirlwind.Tax Conformity

Earlier this week, the Minnesota House passed the tax conformity bill, to adapt the state’s tax code to the new federal code. The bill contained a number of changes to state tax policy, with a lopsided emphasis on corporate tax breaks. The bill also did not include any local government aid, no increase in the Working Family Credit, or any increase to homeowners or renters through the state’s homestead credit or renter’s refund programs. Experts believe the federal tax bill will increase the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next decade – nearly all of that going to corporations. Tax cuts passed in Minnesota the last two years could result in a future deficit of $2 billion, just when we had returned to stable budgeting under Gov. Dayton. 


As usual, please contact me with any questions and concerns.



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