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Posted: 2016-07-13
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Legislative Update

Legislative Update - July 13, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

The violent events of the last week have been extremely troubling and heartbreaking. I cannot express strongly enough my sympathy for those affected by the events in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas. The hurt people are feeling is real, and emotions are understandably high. These acts, however, continue to open our eyes to tangible steps we must take to improve safety in our communities.


As I have conversations with folks, I continue to hear about the need to take action regarding gun violence. Rightfully, there is an expectation that policymakers should be able to come together in order to eliminate this epidemic. There is certainly no magic wand to be waved, and not everyone will agree as to the right path forward, to be sure. While this is a multidimensional issue, I’m confident there are practical, realistic, and effective approaches we can take to significantly address this problem.

I, or any other lawmaker acting alone, cannot solve this problem, however. As we approach the next legislative session in January, I look forward to working in a collaborative manner to set the table for what must be meaningful actions when we reconvene. Everybody needs to be at the table, and I encourage you to let me know what you think needs to take place.

Property Tax Refund

The deadline for filing for your Homestead Credit Refund or Renter’s Refund is fast approaching. Many homeowners and renters qualify for a refund but some either aren’t aware of it or don’t remember to apply.

Homeowners, you may be eligible for a property tax refund of up to $2,640 if your household income was less than $107,930 in 2015. Renters, you may be eligible for a property tax refund of up to $2,050 if your household income was less than $58,490 in 2015. Renters will also need to include a Certificate of Rent Paid from your landlord with your application. Refund applications are due by August 15, 2016. For more information or to apply, I invite you to visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue online here.

I hope you and your families are enjoying summer. Please continue to stay in touch with your feedback or if I can ever be of help to you.


JoAnn Ward

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