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Posted: 2016-04-11
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Press Release

Speaker Daudt Admits that GOP Transportation Plan Will “Starve Out” General Fund


Daudt tells Tea Party crowd that transportation plan will “starve out” money used to fund schools


SAINT PAUL, MINN. – Speaker Daudt told a Tea Party crowd in Champlin this past week that the House Republican transportation would “starve out” the general fund, depriving Minnesota schools, police officers, hospitals, and other basic services for Minnesotans with ongoing resources. On April 7, 2016, Speake Daudt spoke to the “Minnesota Tea Party Patriots” at an event in Champlin, Minnesota. Speaking about the House Republican transportation plan, Speaker Daudt said:

“One of our constitutionally defined core functions of state government is to fund our roads and bridge infrastructure. Um, so to take some that money, transfer it out, take the revenue, in our plan from three sources, sales tax on auto parts, rental cars and leased vehicles, and move that from the general fund into the road and bridge fund, which would have a couple of impacts. Number one, it would fund our roads and bridges, but number two, it would start to starve out the general fund, so it would remove money currently going in to the general fund, which is a really good thing.”

House DFL Leader Paul Thissen released the following statement on Speaker Daudt’s admission that the goal of the House GOP Transportation is to “starve out” Minnesota’s general fund.

"Speaker Daudt’s admission that the purpose of the House Republican transportation plan is to "starve out" the money we use to fund our schools, police officers, and other basic services is the most damning argument against their so-called plan to date. He is openly admitting not only that they do not have a real plan to fund our roads and bridges but that the real purpose is to send us into deficit so they can cut our schools and other basic services in perpetuity

Speaker Daudt and Republicans should bring forward a real transportation plan that will adequately fund our roads and bridges without depriving our general fund of resources that educate our kids from kindergarten to college and fund basic government services that are important to the lives of Minnesota families.”

You can listen to Speaker Daudt’s comments to “starve out” the general fund here. And the complete audio from his speech is available here.



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