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Posted: Mar 8 2016 11:51AM
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Press Release

Statement from Rep. Thissen regarding MPR story on Speaker Daudt

SAINT PAUL, MINN – This morning in an extensive story, Minnesota Public Radio reported that Speaker Daudt has been sued by debt collectors and was delinquent in paying property taxes. House DFL Leader Paul Thissen released the following statement:

“There remain many unanswered questions about this troubling story. The only person who can clear things up is Speaker Daudt. It’s in the public’s interest that he disclose the nature of the settlement he reached on his debt with a law firm with significant lobbying ties at the Capitol. He should clarify who owns and lives at the properties where taxes were delinquent. And he should make it clear who paid for representing the Speaker in his personal financial matter. The sooner that is disclosed, the better.

Especially troubling is the hypocrisy that Speaker Daudt is showing workers and families on the Iron Range. In Speaker Daudt’s statements about the lawsuits against him he asks for empathy from others because he knows what it’s like to walk in the shoes of someone who has fallen on hard times. But those miners and their families can’t cut special deals. Speaker Daudt should extend that same empathy to the thousands of workers and families on the Iron Range and stop holding hostage the relief those families so desperately need in order to get tax cuts for special interests at the State Capitol.”


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