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Posted: May 20 2015 10:35AM
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House Republicans failed to finish the job for hardworking Minnesotans

SAINT PAUL, MN – The 2015 session has ended, but many of the important priorities for Minnesotans were left undone. Most importantly, House DFL Leaders and legislators called on the House Republican Majority to make up for their failures during the 2015 session by compromising with Governor Dayton and resolving the unfinished business of the session.
“The session began with a great opportunity to continue moving Minnesota forward, but House Republicans failed to finish the job for hardworking Minnesotans,” said House DFL Leader Paul Thissen. “They failed to pass a comprehensive transportation package despite promising Minnesotans it was their top priority. They failed to improve the economic security of families. They failed to extend a tuition freeze for college students. And worse of all, they have forced a special session by refusing to compromise with Governor Dayton’s priority to invest in a better education for Minnesota’s youngest learners. At every turn, their insistence on putting wealthy corporate interests ahead of our kids’ future has been roadblocks to completing the work of this legislature. We should have done much better for hardworking Minnesotans, but Republicans failed to deliver results."
The legislative session began in January with high hopes for progress on a number of fronts. But on almost every key priority, the legislature either failed to complete the task or fell short:
Failing our youngest learners
Republicans shortchanged our kids. First by passing an education budget that provided less than a 1% increase to our schools, and now by refusing to invest in quality early learning for all Minnesota 4 year olds.
Failing our college students
Despite a $2 billion surplus Republicans passed a higher education bill that will increase tuition and debt on Minnesota students.
Failing to address transportation problem
Republicans promised they’d address our transportation crisis but they failed to offer a serious plan, failed to compromise, and failed to deliver results.
Failing Greater Minnesota
After promising to prioritize Greater Minnesota, Republicans are leaving Greater Minnesota behind. They ignored broadband infrastructure, oil train safety, and local property tax relief and did very little to respond to the unique challenges facing Greater Minnesota communities.
Failing hardworking Minnesotans
Republicans provided no economic relief to hardworking Minnesotans. They blocked the Working Parents Act and prioritized corporate tax cuts over middle class tax relief.
Failing to get the job done
Republicans refuse to compromise with Governor Dayton, forcing a special session. The last time a House Republican majority finished on-time was 1999.
“House Republicans have once again forced a special session by refusing to compromise,” said Thissen. “But now we can hit the reset button and get to work on the bold, common sense agenda Minnesotans demand."

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