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Posted: Apr 20 2015 9:16AM
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House GOP Tax Bill Leaving Behind Kids, Families, Greater Minnesota


Saint Paul, Minnesota - House Republicans released their omnibus tax bill today, which doles out more than $2 billion in tax breaks, while shortchanging other areas of the state budget that affect kids, families, and greater Minnesota. House DFL Leader Paul Thissen released the following statement:


“The Republicans have made a choice that tax breaks for corporations and special interests are more important than educating our kids or investing in Minnesota’s future. Since Republicans have made tax cuts their singular priority, many Minnesotans will be left behind.


Despite a $2 billion surplus, Republicans are leaving our kids behind. They are providing less than a 1% increase in funding for E-12 education. In every corner of the state, and especially in Greater Minnesota, we have heard that shortchanging our schools like this will result in teacher layoffs and larger class sizes.


Despite a $2 billion surplus, Republicans are leaving college students behind. They are underfunding higher education, which will force higher tuition and debt for students across the state.


Despite a $2 billion surplus, Republicans are leaving Greater Minnesota behind. They are underfunding broadband infrastructure, cutting Greater Minnesota job creation initiatives, and shortchanging rural schools.


Despite a $2 billion surplus, Republicans are choosing to eliminate affordable health care coverage from working Minnesotans, increase the cost of child care, and leave vulnerable children exposed to the risk of abuse.


Families, students, and children across the state are being left behind so that Republicans can help their corporate special interests get ahead.


These are the wrong choices for a better future for Minnesota. With a $2 billion surplus and growing economy, we should embrace this chance to create more opportunity for all Minnesotans to get ahead – not just cater to corporate special interests.”



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