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Monday, June 21, 2021

Update on Special Session

The special session of the Minnesota Legislature began on June 14th. To be honest, there is a lot to get done before July 1st. We still need to pass several budget bills to make sure that we avoid a government shutdown. While I am hopeful that we will be able to meet this goal, I am frustrated by the petty disagreements and inconsiderate actions that have poisoned our legislative process.  

The regular legislative session began in January and concluded on May 17th. During that time, we barely managed to accomplish anything. Instead of rolling up our sleeves and getting our budget done on time, we discussed bills that never had a chance of becoming law. As a result, we have returned to St. Paul for this special session.

Unfortunately, special sessions do not have a very transparent legislative process. Most of the deals will be worked out in secret by a few key individuals. Additionally, special sessions cost more taxpayer dollars. This is not the way to govern. A poor legislative process often leads to poor legislation. We need more constructive, working relationships in St. Paul if we are ever going to get the job done on time. Like you, I am tired of absentee leadership and political posturing.

One positive development in the last few weeks is that the Minnesota State Capitol is reopened to the public, and we are conducting legislative business in person. I encourage you to come to St. Paul and visit!

When Will the Emergency Powers End?

Once again, the Minnesota House of Representatives decided to let Governor Tim Walz keep his emergency powers. For months, I have consistently voted to take away the governor’s emergency powers, but the majority disagrees with me.

We need to restore constitutional order in our state. I will not stop speaking out until proper checks and balances are back in place.

Here is my speech from the most recent debate regarding the emergency powers:

Rep. Miller - 6.14.21


The Never Again Bill

I am proud to announce that I have signed on as a co-author to House File 28. This legislation is known as the “Never Again” bill. As you probably guessed, this proposal will make sure that the governor never has unlimited, unchecked power again.  

The last fifteen months have shown all of us just how much damage can be done when one person has total authority. The executive orders and harmful actions of Governor Tim Walz must never be allowed to happen again.

The Never Again bill protects constitutional rights and allows elected legislators to have input in emergency situations. Additionally, the bill limits the governor’s emergency powers, but it also ensures that the governor still has the necessary tools to deal with an emergency.

For more information about the Never Again bill, please see the below video:

Rep. Miller - 6.18.21


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