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Biden Vaccine Mandate Blocked

Friday, January 14, 2022

Biden Vaccine Mandate Blocked

Friends, I am sure you have heard by now that President Joe Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate on large businesses was blocked by the Supreme Court. This is great news for our country! Thankfully, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court saw Joe Biden’s actions for what they were: totalitarian abuse from a leader who is trying to go outside the bounds of his authority.

Millions of people will no longer have to choose between their health freedom and keeping their job. However, there are still millions who are being forced to submit to unconstitutional vaccine mandates. While the Supreme Court voided the vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees, they also allowed the vaccine mandate on healthcare workers to remain.

For me, this is a big deal. Many of my constituents work for Mayo Clinic, and they were subjected to a vindictive vaccine mandate. Unfortunately, that mandate went into effect, and 700 good employees lost their jobs. This is wrong, and it must be stopped. Families should not be victimized simply because they do not want to adhere to Joe Biden’s edicts.

Ultimately, I believe the Supreme Court did not fully do its duty in protecting the medical freedom of all Americans. If a vaccine mandate is unconstitutional to force on employees of large businesses, then it should also be illegal to force on healthcare workers, federal employees, and our military. This selective constitutionality is no way to enforce the laws of our land. Fairness and equality before the law must never be dismissed. 

We got a sizable win yesterday, but we are not satisfied with only a sliver of freedom; we want true freedom for all our fellow countrymen!

Governor Walz – A Criminal’s Best Friend

Yesterday, the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission (MSGC) was set to vote on a measure that would further weaken our justice system. Specifically, they were going to hold a vote on whether judges should be prevented from seeing a criminal’s probation status when they are sentenced. This potential change would have allowed repeat offenders and probation violators to receive lenient sentences that they otherwise wouldn’t receive.

The MSGC and the appointees that Governor Walz put there voted 6-4 in a preliminary vote last November to make this change. The official vote was supposed to be yesterday. However, the MSGC ultimately decided to postpone the vote because of the strong public backlash. During the public comment period, 3,562 people submitted public comments. Of that total, 3,353 were opposed to this change. The MSGC was feeling the pressure.

This was an important win. Governor Walz and his Democrat followers would like nothing more than to go easy on criminals and make our streets less safe. Just look at Minneapolis and St. Paul, they are out of control. Crime has skyrocketed, and it is started to spread beyond these two cities. Democrats will lecture you endlessly about how you must try to understand and sympathize with criminals. This is psychotic. If a criminal steals property, robs someone at gunpoint, or violently hurts someone, then the only answer is uncompromising punishment. We need to clean up our streets, not let them become a safe haven for criminals who victimize good, hardworking people.

Governor Walz has proven that he has no interest in stopping crime. On his watch, we have seen lawlessness, serial rioting, and uncontrollable destruction of property. You cannot trust him. He may try to change his tune and seem tough on crime, but he will always be on the side of the criminal. The actions of his appointees on the MSGC are proof enough.

Steve Drazkowski