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Few Answers from Mayo Clinic

Friday, December 17, 2021

Few Answers from Mayo Clinic

So many people have contacted me about the vaccine mandate that Mayo Clinic has imposed on their employees. Like all of you, I am outraged by tyrannical vaccine mandates. As such, several of my fellow legislators and I have attempted to get Mayo Clinic to answer some questions on how their vaccine mandate works. Additionally, we wanted to know if religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate are being offered in a fair and honest way.

After initially refusing to answer our questions, Mayo Clinic has finally provided a few answers in a letter that we just received yesterday. You can see the letter we sent them here. Mayo Clinic’s most recent response is here. 

While I am glad that Mayo Clinic provided some answers to our questions, I am disappointed that they did not provide specifics, especially on religious exemptions. In their letter, Mayo Clinic clearly stated that, “A person does not qualify for a religious exemption if they fail to demonstrate a sincerely held religious belief that would prohibit vaccination.” Unfortunately, Mayo Clinic never states what a “sincerely held religious belief” means. Furthermore, who is Mayo Clinic to judge someone's sincerity? This is very alarming to me.

Mayo Clinic did state that well over half of the applications for religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate have been granted. However, they did not provide numbers which is greatly concerning. Nevertheless, I have heard from quite a few constituents who have been granted a religious exemption.

The bottom line is that Mayo Clinic should not be enforcing any such mandate on their employees. The people are right to be deeply suspicious of these directives especially when Mayo Clinic only provides sparse answers after repeatedly dodging questions. When organizations like Mayo Clinic keep their employees in the dark and openly disdain transparency, they should not be surprised that people are not wanting to follow their orders. We all must keep up the fight against these mandates.

Stopping Abortion  

Back in 2018, the free state of Mississippi passed a law which banned abortion after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. This was a positive step in the fight to save unborn lives and protect children. However, the constitutionality of that law is currently being challenged in the Supreme Court of the United States in a case known as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

At the beginning of December, the justices of the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case. Their ruling will determine whether state bans on abortion are legal. In fact, their decision could also overturn Roe v. Wade once and for all. While the case has already been argued, we will not know the Supreme Court’s decision until roughly June of 2022.

Radical, pro-abortion forces want to see the Mississippi law struck down, and they are working hard to do it. They do not believe in the preciousness of life. They do not believe that individual states should have the right to determine the laws they live under. We cannot let these people win.

As many of you know, I am strongly pro-life, and I absolutely support laws like the one passed by Mississippi. As a matter of fact, I am a co-author of a similar bill here in Minnesota. Texas implemented an abortion ban earlier this year, and many states are preparing to do the same. My hope is that Roe v. Wade is overturned, and these decisions are rightly and constitutionally returned to the states.

I believe the truth is on our side, and we will ultimately prevail.

Steve Drazkowski