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DNR Ban; Overtaxation; and the High School Page Program

Friday, October 15, 2021

Walz Launches War on Deer Farmers

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced a sweeping ban on farmed deer movement. Under this new ban, white-tailed deer are prohibited from being imported into Minnesota, and deer farmers are barred from moving their herds within the state. This effectively freezes the entire deer farming industry in Minnesota!

The DNR issued this ban using an “emergency rule.” Once again, we have state government agencies issuing unconstitutional orders that ruin people across Minnesota. The people need to know that the DNR is one of the many state agencies that reports directly to Governor Tim Walz. The governor appoints the commissioner of the DNR, and he can direct the agency to do whatever he wants. In this way, the DNR is just another tool that Governor Walz uses to abuse hardworking Minnesotans.

As a matter of fact, the DNR has announced that this new ban could last as long as 15 months! A ban that long would wipe out every deer farmer in Minnesota. How are farmers supposed to turn a profit if they cannot sell their deer? The answer is they can’t, and Governor Walz knows this.

This 15-month ban is a nothing more than a carefully designed way of appealing to the radical environmentalists that control Governor Walz. In the far-left Democrat party, environmental activists are working to eliminate livestock farming. Governor Walz is all too happy to appease these groups by trying to end deer farming. Our governor doesn’t want these groups working against him. As such, he will do their bidding every time to keep them happy.

Governor Walz has a lot of experience in shutting down whole industries for over a year. Frankly, these shutdowns seem to be the only thing he wants to do. To my fellow Minnesotans, I ask one question: How did we get here?

Just a few years ago we would have never accepted that one person or one agency can just ruin a whole sector of our economy. Now, words like “shutdown” are used every day to describe the actions of our government. If we don’t make our voices heard, then these unconstitutional actions will simply continue.

Rep. Drazkowski - 10.15.21

Minnesotans are Overtaxed!

On Monday, the Minnesota Management and Budget office announced that Minnesota is projected to take in $5.974 billion in the first three months of 2022. That number is $657 million more than was projected back in February of this year. This 12% increase is just more evidence that government is taking in far more money than it needs.

While the next budget projection will be available next month, these increased revenues point to another very large state government surplus on the horizon. Our state is awash in hardworking, over-taxed Minnesotans' money. We have received huge amounts of taxpayer money from the federal government, and Minnesota never stops taxing.

Governor Walz and the Democrats shut down our economy and put people out of work for months, but they certainly didn’t stop taxing us. Funny how that works, right? They kept you from going to work and maintaining your livelihood, but they were all too happy to keep taking your money. What disgraceful leadership!

There’s only one thing to do with this money: Give it back!

The government doesn’t need to waste this money on more poorly delivered programs or foolish ideas. This money must be given back to the taxpayers. We cannot continue stealing from our kids and grandkids. The past year and half have proven how terrible government is at managing anything. Their shutdowns have led to a faltering economy with massive supply chain problems and inflation! Families know how to manage this money far better than governments and their coordinated central planning efforts.

The High School Page Program    

I am excited to announce that the High School Page Program is returning to the Minnesota House of Representatives! Students who wish to join the page program for one week during the 2022 regular session of the Minnesota Legislature must apply by November 23, 2021.

The High School Page Program runs for twelve weeks during the legislative session. Each week, eight students work as pages in the Minnesota House of Representatives. These students will get terrific opportunities to participate in the operations of the Minnesota Legislature. Some of these opportunities include meeting with their state representative, observing the legislative process up close, participating in activities in the House chamber, engaging in mock committee meetings, and meeting state officials.

The program officially starts on February 7th and concludes on May 20th. Additionally, a small stipend is available.

To apply, follow this link or call (651) 296-7452.  

The High School Page Program is open to all Minnesota high school students in their JUNIOR year. If you know a high school junior who would like to learn more about our state government and legislative process, I encourage you to send them this information!


Steve Drazkowski