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Spend $250 Million for Frontline Workers?

Friday, October 1, 2021

Spend $250 Million for Frontline Workers?

When President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) in March, the State of Minnesota received billions of dollars from the federal government. By law, much of that money was dedicated to specific programs. However, part of that money was set aside to give to frontline workers.

During the 2021 regular session of the Minnesota Legislature, legislators from both the Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate agreed that the fund for frontline workers would total $250 million. Nevertheless, Democrats want to give more money away than just $250 million.

Currently, a workgroup of legislators is trying to figure out who should receive these funds. Should only doctors and nurses get the funds? What about first responders, or truck drivers, or grocery staffers, or long-term care workers? When this workgroup answers these questions, a special session of the Minnesota Legislature will be called, and legislators will vote on whether to approve this $250 million giveaway.

Let me be clear, I am totally opposed to giving away any of this money. When this proposal comes to the Minnesota House for a vote, I will be voting against it. 

Frankly, everyone wants this money, but nobody needs it. I am sick and tired of the government throwing away the future of our kids and grandkids in exchange for cheap political points. The American people have watched their state and federal governments spend trillions of dollars in the last year and a half. We cannot afford it, and it is time to stop pretending like we can.

What we need is to eliminate every barrier that keeps Minnesotans from getting back to work. Let’s get rid of the vaccine mandates and the remaining unemployment payments. We need to replace collectivist thinking with a fresh dose of individual liberty. The government isn’t responsible for you; you are responsible for yourself. No government should be taking money from all of us just to give a select few people an extra pay day.

Politicians in St. Paul are all too excited to give away free money. Their participation in this socialist scheme will only contribute to inflation and burden our children with astronomical debt. Moreover, this fund is not about actually helping people. In truth, this fund is simply a way for politicians to reward the special interest groups and unions that keep them in office.

I will not be party to this financial catastrophe, and I encourage all of you to call on your legislators to stop this foolish spending.

Stopping Abortion in Minnesota

As your state legislator, I have always stood to defend the unborn. I am proud to say that I am a co-author of Rep. Tim Miller’s “Heartbeat Bill.” This legislation, known as HF 643, will ban abortion when the child’s heartbeat is detectable. Working to stop abortion is of the utmost importance. States like Texas have passed their own “Heartbeat Bill” into law, and Minnesota must do the same. I am proud to join Rep. Miller in this fight.

Nevertheless, Democrats have relentlessly attacked the “Heartbeat Bill.” These liberals and progressives are truly unhinged. They choose to defend barbaric practices such as third trimester and partial birth abortions rather than defend human life. Today’s Democrats are nothing more than abortion radicals.

Here in Minnesota, several Democrat legislators recently formed a new caucus called the “Reproductive Freedom Caucus.” This group is as calculating as they come. Democrats know that abortion is a horrific, indefensible practice. To try and cover this up, they trot out deceitful little phrases like “reproductive freedom.” But make no mistake, these legislators are aggressively working to proliferate abortion. In turn, innocent children will be murdered because of their efforts.

We must stand united against the horrid practice of abortion. In the end, Democrats will try to shame us pro-life people when we defend life. Don’t listen to them. We know that we are on the right side of history, and we are on the right side of God!

Steve Drazkowski