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Joint meeting of the House Transportation Finance and Transportation and Regional Governance Policy committees
Tuesday, September 25 2018 - Archive Video
00:42 - Safety and security on the Metro Transit system.
- John Harrington, Chief of Police, Metro Transit.
1:23:13 - Details on the agreement between the Met Council and the Twin Cities & Western Railroad (TCWR) in the Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) corridor, and how this impacts the future operations budget for the Met Council.
- Jim Alexander, SWLRT Project Manager.
1:47:05 - Hiring issues at Metro Transit and impacts to service and budget.
- Brian Lamb, General Manager, Metro Transit.
Runs 2 hours, 5 minutes.

House Transportation Finance Committee
Thursday, April 26 2018 - Archive Video
00:35 - Overview of the bill by House Research and Fiscal staff of HF4437 (Torkelson) State general sales tax revenue related to motor vehicle repair and replacement parts allocated exclusively to fund roads, and constitutional amendment proposed.
12:03 - Public testimony.
Runs 1 hour, 28 minutes.

House Transportation Finance Committee
Wednesday, April 25 2018 - Archive Video
These items will be heard on an informational basis:.
00:34 - Governor's Metropolitan council Bus Rapid Transit bonding request: Busway, Bus Guideway and Express Bus Development Program.
39:19 - HF3283 (Nash) Best value contract requirements.
1:15:33 - Continued public testimony on Governor's Metropolitan council Bus Rapid Transit bonding request: Busway, Bus Guideway and Express Bus Development Program.
Runs 1 hour, 21 minutes.

Joint hearing of House Transportation Finance and State Government Finance committees
Tuesday, April 10 2018 - Archive Video
00:25 - Everett and VanderWiel MN.IT Investigation Report.
1:24:02 - Department of Public Safety decision to hire Driver and Vehicle Services phone staff, and funding source.
1:46:38 - Discussion of issues related to Real ID.
Runs 1 hour, 46 minutes.

Conference Committee on SF3133 - part 1
Thursday, March 22 2018 - Archive Video
Conference Committee on SF3133 (Torkelson/Newman) Minnesota Licensing and Registration System legislative auditor information technology auditor appointment requirement; MNLARS steering committee establishment; appropriation.
00:00 - Introductory comments.
03:51 - Side-by-side comparison.
20:49 - Testimony by Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles.
The conference committee recessed.
Runs 27 minutes.

House Transportation Finance Committee
Thursday, March 8 2018 - Archive Video
Autonomous vehicles presentations by Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and several other entities active in the autonomous vehicles industry.
Presentations by:.
- Jay Hietpas, MnDOT Director of Traffic, Safety & Technology..
- Doctor Andrew Dubner, Leader, 3M Connected Roads Program.
Minnesota Trucking Association.
- Brent Bois, Calhoun Truck Line and Chair MTA Automated Vehicle Task Force.
- Steve Boyd, Pelaton.
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.
- Leighton Yates, Manager, State Government Affairs, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.
VSI Labs (Vision Systems Intelligence).
- Danny Kim, Senior Director and Co-Founder of VSI.
- Cami Zimmer, Advisor to VSI.
Minnesota Council on Disability.
- Overview of National Council on Disability report on self driving cars.
- Joan Willshire, Executive Director, Minnesota Council on Disability.
Runs 1 hour, 49 minutes.

House Transportation Finance Committee
Tuesday, February 27 2018 - Archive Video
Update from Department of Public Safety (DPS)/MN.IT on Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) status as well as new $43 million request for additional funding for MNLARS.
01:28 - Introductory comments by the Chair.
04:42 - Fox 9 TV story from Feb 18 was shown to the committee - "Secret recordings reveal untold story of MNLARS mess".
14:51 - Further comments.
16:55 - Public testimony:.
- Amber Backhaus Vice President of Public Affairs, MN Auto Dealers Association.
- Bob Johnson President, Insurance Federation of MN.
- Kelly Davison Prior Lake Deputy Registrar.
- Jason Seeman Office Supervisor, Insurance Auto Auctions.
41:50 - Budget overview of request by committee Fiscal Analyst Andrew Lee.
49:50 - Agency testimony:.
- Johanna Clyborne, MN.IT Commissioner.
- Dana Bailey, Executive Director for Projects and Initiatives at MN.IT.
- Joan Redwing, MN.IT Chief Enterprise Architect.
- Dawn Olson, DPS Driver and Vehicle Services Director.
- Mona Dohman, DPS Commissioner.
Runs 1 hour, 42 minutes.

House Transportation Finance Committee
Monday, September 11 2017 - Archive Video
07:52 - Update from Department of Public Safety Vehicle Services division on new MNLARS (Minnesota Licensing and Registration System) and issues/problems.
31:50 - Comments from the Office of the Legislative Auditor.
41:47 - Feedback from MNLARS users as well as the public on MNLARS related issues and problems getting vehicles registered, transferred and or tabs transaction, etc.
1:40:38 - Questions from members for Department of Public Safety staff.
Runs 2 hours, 33 minutes.

Conference Committee on HF861
Thursday, April 20 2017 - Archive Video
HF861 (Torkelson/Newman) Omnibus Transportation Finance bill.
03:49 - Department of Transportation.
18:18 - Department of Public Safety.
22:22 - Metropolitan Council.
29:14 - Pollution Control Agency.
34:57 - Public testimony.
Runs 2 hours, 16 minutes.