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House Education Policy Committee
Tuesday, April 22 2014 - Archive Video
02:43 - Gavel.
03:26 - HF2113 (Clark) Aquatics instruction required in public schools.
49:00 - HF3045 (Mariani) Teaching Board directed to enter into teacher licensure interstate reciprocity agreement.
Runs 1 hour, 26 minutes.

House Education Policy Committee
Friday, March 7 2014 - Archive Video
05:25 - Gavel.
07:32 - HF2396 (Morgan) Military members license processing expedition required for state agencies and professional licensing boards required, temporary licensure provided, and rulemaking authorized.
28:09 - HF2683 (Bly) Intervention requirement response established, and committee established to review statewide testing.
1:36:32 - Presentation from the Minnesota Department of Education on Q-Comp/Teacher Evaluation.
1:46:28 - HF2283 (Selcer) Teachers; advisory task force on better aligning Minnesota's alternative teacher professional pay system and teacher evaluation program established.
2:04:33 - HF2271 (Erickson) Teachers; performance-based pay system provided.
2:19:00 - HF2570 (Mariani) Alternative compensation preparation revenue established; funding increased for school districts and charter schools engaged in teacher development, evaluation, and peer coaching; and money appropriated.
2:26:07 - HF2775 (Brynaert) Teacher evaluation programs aligned.
Runs 2 hour, 54 minutes.

Conference Committee on HF630 (Marquart/Wiger) Omnibus K-12 Education Policy and Finance bill
Friday, May 10 2013 - Archive Video
07:07 - Gavel of Conference Committee on HF630 (Marquart/Wiger) Omnibus K-12 Education Policy and Finance bill.
07:20 - Discussion of all-day kindergarten.
22:23 - Discussion of early learning.
The committee recessed.
Runs 49 minutes.

Conference Committee on HF630 (Marquart/Wiger) Omnibus K-12 Education Policy and Finance bill
Thursday, May 9 2013 - Archive Video
04:13 - Gavel, introductions and comments.
14:46 - Walk-through of spreadsheets and side-by-sides of HF630 (Marquart/Wiger) Omnibus K-12 Education Policy and Finance bill.
The committee recessed.
Runs 2 hours, 7 minutes.

House Education Policy Committee
Monday, March 11 2013 - Archive Video
02:19 - Gavel.
04:43 - HF1151 (Mariani) Early childhood through grade 12 education policies modified including general education, education excellence, special programs, libraries, and early childhood education.
1:18:02 - HF562 (Abeler) Medical assistance coverage provided for services provided by a licensed professional counselor.
1:27:15 - HF984 (Urdahl) School board prohibited from not renewing a coaching contract based solely on the existence of parent complaints.
1:59:24 - HF354 (Selcer) Teacher licensure renewal requirements related to recognizing mental illness in children and adolescents clarified.
2:08:11 - HF1067 (Erickson) Land transfer from Red Lake School District to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians authorized.
2:15:47 - HF734 (Urdahl) Career and technical education advisory task force established for improving student outcomes in grades 11 to 14.
Runs 2 hours, 26 minutes.