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State Aids

The following write-ups are produced and maintained by Minnesota House Research Department, with some links provided to other sources.

Aid Programs

Historical Aid & Credit Data

  • Data on state aids and credits
    A link to historical data on state aids and credits by county and city on the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.

2019 Session Printouts

2018 Session Printouts

2017 Session Printouts

2016 Session Printouts

2015 Session Printouts

Historical Printouts

Historical County Aids

Major State Aids & Taxes

  • Major State Aids and Taxes
    Analyses of the major state aids and taxes in Minnesota, showing state, regional, and county breakdowns of major state taxes and different types of aid.

Archived Materials

The following materials have been archived and may contain some information that is not up-to-date. "Archived" materials are no longer actively maintained by House Research Department and are generally at least five years old. Current materials are provided in the previous topics.