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Property Taxes

The following write-ups are produced and maintained by Minnesota House Research Department, with some links provided to other sources.

Current Data & Analysis

Interactive Data Lookup

  • Property Tax Lookup
    Look up the property tax for a specific property (real or hypothetical) by specifying its market value, classification, and geographic location (county, city/town, and school district).
  • Homestead Credit Refund Lookup
    Look up historical information on homestead credit refunds (formerly called homewoner's property tax refunds), either statewide or for a specific county.
  • Renter's Property Tax Refund Lookup
    Look up historical information on renter's property tax refunds, either statewide or for a specific county.

Overview of the Property Tax System

Property Tax Base (Market Value)

Levies, Aids, & Credits

Property Tax Burdens

Historical Data & Analysis

Property Tax Relief Programs

Tax Increment Financing

Fiscal Disparities Program

Archived Materials

The following materials have been archived and may contain some information that is not up-to-date. "Archived" materials are no longer actively maintained by House Research Department and are generally at least five years old. Current materials are provided in the previous topics.

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