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Property Tax Lookup

This tool allows you to look up property taxes by specifying a property's market value, property type, and location. The location is identified by selecting the county, city or township, and school district from the appropriate lists. For comparison purposes, you can specify multiple market values, locations, and/or years.

Notes & Instructions

  • You may select more than one market value by clicking on "Include additional market values" below and adding other amounts in the fields.
  • An annual growth rate is not required. It can be used to automatically increase a property value annually when multiple years are selected in the lookup. If a growth rate is entered, the earliest year included in the lookup will use the actual property value amount entered, and subsequent years will be adjusted by the growth rate.
  • When selecting property locations, you must select from three lists: (1) county, (2) city or township, and (3) school district. If only one school district is available for a chosen city or town, it will be selected automatically.
  • After selecting a county, you may select "All Cities & Towns" in the cities and townships list. If "All" is selected, no additional locations can be added and the lookup results will include property tax information for each city and town in the selected county (with a breakdown for each associated school district).
  • Actual property tax amounts could differ from the amounts displayed due to the effects of (1) preliminary versus final data, and (2) tax rates that are not uniform within the city or town (e.g., special taxing districts such as watershed districts).
  • Additional information on property taxes is available from the House Research Property Taxes topic page.
Enter the market value of the property (in 1,000s)
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Other values:

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City / Town
School District

Location entry status:

Select a county to begin identifying a location.

Locations Identified:

Select the tax payable years to include
Note: Up to six years may be selected.