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Local Government Aid Lookup

This search tool allows lookup of historical information on local government aid (LGA) provided to Minnesota cities. Cities can be searched for individually, based on county, or based on a cluster of cities with similar characteristics.

Note: Hold the CTRL key and click to select multiple cities, counties, or city clusters; if "All" is selected, no other entries will be selectable.

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Metro Central CitiesMinneapolis and St. Paul
Metro Established CitiesMedium sized cities with very high commercial/industrial property values, little or no growth, and low median income
Metro Large CitiesVery large suburbs with medium growth and income and high commercial activity
Metro Fast Growing SuburbsExtremely fast growing suburbs with medium incomes
Metro Growing High Income SuburbsLarger high income suburbs with medium growth rates
Metro High Income SuburbsExtremely high income suburbs with low growth and very low commercial activity
Metro Smaller Residential CitiesSmall cities with mixed growth rates, low income, and moderate commercial activity
Non-Metro Major CitiesThe three largest cities in Greater Minnesota, with exceptionally high populations
Non-Metro Regional CentersLarge cities with medium income and high commercial activity
Non-Metro Sub-regional CentersMedium sized cities with low growth and income but very high commercial activity
Non-Metro Urban FringeVery high growth very and high income cities located near the Twin Cities metro
Non-Metro High Growth CitiesVery high growth very and high income cities located further from the Twin Cities metro than the Urban Fringe
Non-Metro Residential CitiesMedium communities with high incomes and low commercial/industrial property; tend to be located near major cities and regional centers
Non-Metro Rural CitiesSmall cities with low median incomes and commercial/industrial property, mixed growth
Non-Metro Cities Under 500 PopulationCities with a population under 500
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