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State Agency Fee-Setting

An executive branch state agency may not impose a new fee or increase an existing fee unless the new fee or fee increase is approved by law. Fees may be reduced without legislative approval.

The fee law applies to "any charge for goods, services, regulation, or licensure." However, the law does not apply to the following:

  • charges billed within or between state agencies, or billed to federal agencies
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
  • charges for goods and services provided for the direct and primary use of a private individual, business, or other entity (however, the law does apply to charges for admission to or for use of public facilities owned by the state)
  • state park fees and charges and certain other charges authorizing use of state land under control of the Department of Natural Resources
  • constitutional officers

October 2008

Related information:

The fee-setting law is established in Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.1283