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Metropolitan Government

In the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area, the legislature created regional agencies to fulfill specific functions.

Metropolitan Council

  • 16 members from districts and a chair from the metropolitan area at large, all appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the governor
  • Plans and coordinates development of region; provides transit and wastewater collection and treatment services

Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commissions (MPOSC)

  • Eight members from districts and a chair, all appointed by Metropolitan Council
  • Advises and assists council in planning the regional parks and open space system

Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)

  • 34 members, including local elected officials, citizens, and representatives of agencies and modes of transportation, with a chair appointed by the council from among the members
  • Lead in the federal Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) transportation planning process that governs use of federal transportation funds in the metro area

Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)

  • Eight members from Twin Cities metropolitan area districts and four members from Greater Minnesota, serving staggered four-year terms, and a chair, all appointed by the governor; plus one member each from Minneapolis and St. Paul, appointed by the city's mayor
  • Owns and operates Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and six other airports in region

Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission (MMCC)

  • 18 members; all metropolitan area county commissioners appointed by their respective counties
  • Monitors and controls mosquitos, ticks, and black flies in the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District to protect the public from disease and annoyance

Metropolitan Agency Budgets

Metropolitan Council

The proposed calendar year 2017 operating budget total is $1.02 billion, composed of:

  • 8% from property taxes
  • 37% from user fees
  • 38% from state sources
  • 9% from federal sources
  • 8% from other sources

The proposed budget allocates:

  • 71% for its operations (transportation, wastewater collection and treatment, community development)
  • 12% for passthrough grants and loans for housing, parks, suburban transit providers, right-of-way acquisition loans, and the Metropolitan Livable Communities Act programs
  • 17% for debt service for the wastewater system, transit, and parks

Metropolitan Airports Commission

The proposed calendar year 2017 budget total is $353.2 million, of which all but a small amount is from user fees. The proposed budget allocates:

  • $180.8 million for operating expenses
  • $102.1 million for nonoperating expenses
  • $70.3 million net revenue available for designation

Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission

The calendar year 2017 budget is $18.8 million, of which 98% is from property taxes and 2% from other sources, such as earnings.

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